What we do

We help the top management of any company address technology-related challenges. Here are a few examples of the types of projects we get involved in.

Technology & Business Strategy

We develop business strategies for technology enabled businesses, both for individual business units and also for corporate entities, We develop technology strategies for any business facing technology-driven disruption to its markets, or otherwise facing technology challenges.

Operational Performance Improvement

We have extensive experience in cost management and restructuring, and also in improving quality and timeliness of organizational delivery.

Post Merger Integration

We have led the post-merger integration of product, technical and operational functions of a number of acquirees, including a £500m telecoms service provider, and a £1.2bn telecoms equipment provider. We have also led a de-merger process.

Acquisition Due Diligence

We have completed operational and technical due diligence on a number of acquisition targets, both for trade and private equity buyers.


We have led the deveopment of major (£25m+) systems, and also fixed numerous software projects that are in serious danger of failure. We have implemented custom software, COTS packages and cloud based services, and we have done this in both an in-house and also an outsourced model.

Strategic Vendor/Partner Management

We have managed major outsourcing contracts (700+ people), and have extensive experience of 'in-sourcing' and 'offshoring' and more recently 'reshoring'. We have also managed directly procurement processes for large, complex projects.

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